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Cambridge CB25 9AS
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About Us

Founded in 2008, Mind Professionals stands as an ethical and dedicated Specialist Support Resource for forward thinking Professionals;  providing assessment, care, treatment or legal services for adults, young adults and children affected by Mental Illness; Emotional Trauma or Distress; Learning or Behavioural Difficulties; Physical, Neurological or Psychological Disability.  

As Corporate Member of the Expert Witness Institute, we provide an Expert Witness & Specialist Assessment Service, to support the Legal Profession and Public Sector, Corporate Clients and Insurance Services, as well as  Private Individuals throughout the UK. Our National Associate resource of over 1000 Expert Psychiatrists,  Psychologists, Psychotherapists,  Specialist Nurses,  Occupational Therapists,  Independent Social Workers and Senior Healthcare Management Consultants, are internationally regarded mental health or child care professionals, and experienced Witnesses in Medico Legal cases, each with their own niche specialism or area of primary expertise.

We offer a fast, reliable, highly comprehensive and objective reporting service, utilising evidence based methods in the assessment of child and family issues, cognitive deficit, psychiatric disorder or psychological injury. Our experts provide completed and compliant reports  of the highest quality to meet even the tightest of timescale deadlines, at hourly rates set within the Legal Services Commission Guidelines, and with  clear recommendations  for outcome, treatment and therapeutic interventions where appropriate.

Full psychological assessments  reports are usually prepared within 6 – 8 weeks from receipt of Letter of Instruction, with assessments for Capacity and Cognitive Functioning frequently  completed within a matter of days to suit your requirements and timescale deadlines. All our experts  have given their commitment to meet court  or other prescribed deadlines for report submission , and their availability to attend court to give oral evidence, if summoned.