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Cost Savings and Fees

As an Independently owned specialist healthcare staffing and expert witness service resource wholly committed to providing benefit and value for Mental Health services and the individuals who use them, we are able to provide our Expert Witness services for highly competitive fees.

Our experts, notably, and many also nationally regarded in their specialist areas of expertise, choose to work with us alongside or on occasions even in preference to working independently of any third party in return for our representation, our guarantee of prompt payment for their services upon submission of their reports, and for our on-going CPD and clinical governance support as Designated Body with NHS England and the GMC, and as Member of the Expert Witness Institute.

There is therefore no administrative or other cost for use of our services, over and above our Expert’s own fees if instructed independently of us; indeed frequently, overall costs are lower.

For publically funded matters, hourly fee rates are provided in accordance with guidelines by expert profession, as currently set by the Legal Aid Agency.