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Immigration & Asylum 

Assessments of Victims of Torture, Trafficking, Trauma and Abuse (including Sexual Abuse):

  • Assessment of Psychiatric / Psychological injury, including PTSD
  • Assessment of Physical Injury and Interpretation of Scarring
  • Assessments of Mental Health, Reoffending Risk, Family & Social Circumstances in relation to Deportation
  • Age Assessments of Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants

Provision of Independent Psychiatric, Psychological, Physical Health, Age Assessment, Social and Family Circumstances reports for immigration proceedings, is a leading area of Mind Professionals’ expertise and dedicated day-to-day service practice. In addition to providing expert opinion in relation to all matters involving a client’s mental health, mental capacity, intellectual functioning, age, social and family circumstances, we have purposefully developed and successfully established committed service relationships with a sizeable number of medico-legal experts with specific expertise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other mental and physical health conditions associated with torture, trauma, violence and abuse, including sexual abuse, human trafficking and modern slavery. A number of our psychiatrists are also concurrently experts in the assessment of physical heath conditions and the interpretation of injuries associated with torture, trauma, violence and abuse; dedicating their medico-legal work to this area of legal practice specifically.

Our experts assess clients for asylum applications, appeal proceedings and for Judicial Reviews, as well as UK resident overseas clients facing threat of imminent deportation. Many of our experts are multi lingual themselves; all are skilled working through an interpreter, where a client’s lack of English language comprehension would otherwise compromise their ability to communicate freely, often over upsetting or over sensitive issues, during the assessment process.

  • Psychological or Psychiatric Assessments of Victims of torture
  • Cognitive assessments of Mental Capacity
  • Diagnosis of mental health conditions and personality
  • Structured assessments of trauma and PTSD
  • Assessment of sexual exploitation or assault
  • Risk of domestic abuse or violence
  • Understanding the psychological impact of removal centre detention or threat of deportation
  • Clear treatment recommendations

We routinely accommodate even the most urgent timescale deadlines for reporting and are typically able to offer assessment appointments for individuals placed on the Detained Fast Track process for removal within 24 hours where needed, with urgent reports completed within 48 hours of the assessment taking place. Standard reporting timescales offer completed reports within 1 – 2 weeks of the instruction being confirmed.