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Quotation details

Following the initial request for a quotation, we will follow up with a request for detailed and specific information about your case.

To help us to assist you expeditiously, please provide us with as much information as possible in relation to your Client, the background of the legal matter in question, and the type and scope of Expert Witness report that you require, using the aide memoire below.

This information will aid us in promptly responding to your requirement with quotations from those of our experts with specialist expertise matched specifically to the nature of the matter in question and the issues you require to be addressed in the report.

We endeavour to respond to all service requests immediately upon receipt, or within a maximum of one hour during working office hours.

Brief overview of the background and case history to date

Specific issues / questions for Expert’s report to address

Examination of Client required or paper based report

Current residence / location of Client 

Site visit required, or can Client travel for examination

Report submission date

Number of pages of case documentation for Expert to consider

Language of Client and whether or not an interpreter will be provided for the examination

Court Date and Location if Applicable

Solicitor Details

  • Solicitor Firm
  • Solicitor Contact Name
  • Solicitor Contact Email
  • Solicitor Contact Phone Number
  • Client name/initials and solicitor reference

Nature of Case

  • Mental Health
  • Immigration & Asylum
  • Public Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Child & Family Law
  • Civil & Personal Injury
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Professional Regulatory Matter
  • Employment
  • Probate, Trusts & Wills
  • Other

Source of Funding

  • Legal Aid
  • Insurance
  • Private / Other

Expert Profession Required

  • Adult Psychiatry Expert
  • Old Age Psychiatry Expert
  • Neuropsychiatry Expert
  • Child Psychiatry Expert
  • Forensic Psychiatry Expert
  • Learning Disability Psychiatry Expert
  • Addictions Psychiatry Expert
  • Combined Psychiatric & Medical Expert
  • Clinical Psychology Expert
  • Learning Disability Psychology Expert
  • Counselling Psychology Expert
  • Trauma Therapy & EMDR Expert
  • Child Psychology Expert
  • Forensic Psychology Expert
  • Neuropsychology Expert
  • Educational Psychology Expert
  • Occupational Psychology Expert
  • Forensic Medicine Expert / Scarring Expert
  • GP Experts Accident & Emergency Medicine Expert
  • Elderly Medicine Expert
  • Neurology Expert
  • Pain Management Expert
  • Physiotherapy Expert
  • Occupational Therapy Expert
  • Paediatrics Expert
  • General Medical Expert
  • Independent Social Work Expert
  • Independent Age Assessment Expert
  • Nursing Expert
  • Human Trafficking Expert
  • Country Expert