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Mind Professionals Expert Witness Services - Service Benefits

MIND Professionals stands as specialist resource for Medical, Healthcare and Legal Professionals who provide representation, assessment, treatment or care services for those affected by Mental Health Issues, Psychological Disturbance, Vulnerability, Learning, Neurological or Physical Disability

MIND Experts, one of Mind Professionals’ three service areas; provides a National network of regionally based, highly regarded and thoroughly vetted Mental Health Experts; each recognised and accredited for Medico-Legal work as Independent Expert Witnesses within their profession and individual area of specific expertise. We engage with each of our trusted experts directly for the provision of Independent Assessments, Medico-Legal Reporting and Expert Witness Testimony services to support the Legal Profession and Court System; Public Sector, Corporate Clients and Insurance Services; as well as Private Individuals throughout the UK.

We facilitate and co-ordinate the provision of Expert Witness Reports for all matters associated with Mental Health; Psychological Wellbeing, Vulnerability; Learning, Neurological and Physical Disability. We are able to assist with expert opinion on:

  • The diagnosis, prognosis, management and treatment of Mental Disorder and Disorders of Psychological Wellbeing
  • Assessments of Learning Disability and Autism Spectrum Conditions 
  • Assessments of Capacity, Disability, Brain Injury, Memory and Neurological Functioning
  • Assessments of Offending Behaviour and Risk
  • Assessments of Children, Adolescents, Families and Parenting
  • Assessments of the Physical and Mental Health of victims of Trauma, Torture and Abuse
  • We also aid in cases involving the Residency, Care and Best Interests of vulnerable individuals

We have on-going service engagement arrangements in place with some of the largest law firms in the country; from whom we receive a high volume of instructions for independent expert opinion on a daily basis to facilitate the progress of their client’s proceedings - we are able to accommodate even the most urgent timescale deadlines for reporting

Our registered network of experts exceeds 1000 in number and is inclusive of the full range of mental health and relevant physical health professions, including:

  • Psychiatry Experts
  • Psychology Experts
  • Medical Experts
  • Nursing & Social Care Experts

We aid in matters before the Mental Health, Immigration and Employment Tribunals, Court of Protection, Civil, Criminal and Family Courts.

We provide our Experts with regular and reliable opportunity to offer their expertise to the legal profession and Court system; access to accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities, professional peer group networking and day to day administrative support, to aid them with fully complying with their professional obligations of conduct and practice as Expert Witnesses.

Unlike all other medico legal reporting consultancies operating in our sector, through our weekly payroll (which Mind Professionals operates to support our temporary staffing services to the NHS, Ministry of Defence and Independent Mental Health Provider sector; we guarantee our experts immediate payment for their services upon satisfactory completion of their report, accommodating the time delay for release of Legal Aid funds or case conclusion related factors that typically delay the processing of fee payments to Experts (often by months or more) ourselves; until these funds are cleared – this one of the multiple reasons our experts, notably (and a number also Nationally and Internationally) regarded for their expertise, choose to work with us, alongside or often even in preference to working independently of any third party.

Mind Professionals is an ISO 9001 Quality Standards Certified; NHS National Framework Approved Supplier of Medical, Nursing and Allied Health professionals to the NHS; an approved supplier of Temporary Healthcare and Medical Staff to the Ministry of Defence and to the Independent Mental Health Provider sector. We are also Corporate Members of the Expert Witness Institute and comply with the highest quality standards and strict governance controls of Expert Witness Practice, associated with the requirements of the Institute.